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PhotoIdent - Who are the people in the photo?

Usually there is a various photo material available. So over the years countless photographs and newspaper articles were collected in your personal inventory, or in club archives. But who were or who are the people in these photos?

As time went by these information get lost more and more. Especially with old picture material, there are only a few people who can give statements about the persons, the event or the date of photographs. Sometimes these information are written on the backs of the pictures, but usually they are missing.



PhotoIdent tries in a simple way to create a possibility of retrieving and recording these information with you, family members or witnesses of time. For this purpose, the following operations are supported:

  • Recording of projects with the associated images
  • Recording of information on registration about photo material (location, collection, etc.)
  • Indexation of people and / or objects in the photo material
  • Issuing of the acquisition sheet with picture and table

PhotoIdent manages the editors and the recorded persons project-related. Once recorded persons are available for the assignment of all the pictures.

To each entry can be assigned a mark of the editor, who identified a person, for example. Each person can have as many identifications as added. These "inconsistencies" can be adjusted later.

Overview of functions

  • Recording of registry details (filing information, for example location, factory, book, page, ...)
  • Recording of cataloging information (for example discription, picture date, ...)
  • Setting of nummeration fields
  • Formatting of nummeration fields
  • Recording of people according to the nummeration fields
  • Recording of personal data
  • Formatting of picture titles and captions
  • Freely configurable PDF export (picture tiling, range selection, table layout, ...)
  • Export of the photo as a graphic
  • Export of data (no. and recorded person) or complete data sets
  • Creating of PDF forms with up to 10 columns

Advanced overview of functions

  • Summary of Photos with overlapped circle of people in projects
  • Definition of project templates for a standard design of all photos of a project
  • Definition of global persons who are available across projects
  • Usage of a GEDCOM file as the source of persons and personal data
  • Administration of editors
  • 5 free project fields for cataloging information
  • More than 20 fixed fields for personal information (for example birth dates, death dates, ...)
  • 10 free additional fields for personal information
  • 10 free project fields for personal information
  • Suggestion values for registration and cataloging details
  • Assignment of Exif / IPTC data for the fields of registration and cataloging
  • Google Maps overview when using coordinates (by exif or manually)
  • Thumbnail Creation by using IrfanView for quick loading of photo bar
  • Free text and free text with HTML support instead of cataloging information
  • Row assignments of people in photos (for example front, center, rear, ...)
  • 3 or 7 processing states of photos (for example in progress, completed)
  • Filter function by processing states (for example display of all unedited photos)
  • Collective jobs for PDF creation and export function for selected photos
  • Identification of all photos showing a particular person

PhotoIdent works completely offline, a designation such in Facebook, Picasa, etc. StayFriends will NOT take place. Equally no face detection can be done.


Dipl.-Wirt.-Inf. (FH)

Marco Fischer

Leiten Software Development

Brauereistraße 133

98669 Veilsdorf/Heßberg


Fon: +49 3685 708506

Fax: +49 3685 708507

E-Mail: info@photoident.de

Web: www.photoident.de


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